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Kula (KOO-la) is a Sanskrit word meaning community of the heart.  In classes, a diverse group of people join together to celebrate our common interest of yoga.  Community is not defined by a space, but the people that compose it.  "You are the company that you keep, so keep good company", Douglas Brooks.  I have been blessed to be in such good company for so many years. 
Our kula is a community of the heart that transcends the boundaries of the space of one studio. I am thrilled to be teaching at Sacred Movement at 701 Park Avenue, Bloomfield, CT 06002. It is a beautiful, inviting, loving studio with many offerings to help you enhance your yoga experience. 
As a teacher I am committed to help you experience life to the fullest in each moment where body, mind, and spirit develop into one complete whole. I hold the door open for students to awaken and become united with the larger flow of life, find balance, and feel good on the inside and out.  
We don't accomplish anything in this world alone ... and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one's life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something.
-- Sandra Day O'Connor
For you, I Wish a Place in the Grove
It is a beautiful sensation yet almost odd, to feel so small while feeling so powerful but life captures you, it forces you to think about being part of this earth when standing at the base of the giant Sequoia. Towering through the sky she holds the wisdom gained from a life extending over two thousand years. While few experiences can rejuvenate one's soul more than the moments you spend with her in silence, it is the wonder beneath your feet that tenders the greatest awe. The grove is wide, the soil is fertile yet she anchors herself to the ground by intertwining her roots around the roots of others. Gaining their support she offers hers and together they reach for the heavens... I want to love like this, trust like this, share in a world like this. I want to wrap my arms in loyalty around those next to me while feeling theirs knowing we can withstand the storms, share in the sunlight and reach for the stars together. I want to feel 300 feet tall as one while being part of One, excluding no one. I want to love like this. For you, I wish a place in the grove.

Tricia LaVoice, Kula Yoga Student and Author
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