Please Come to a Workshop at Kula Yoga Center
The Practice, Let's Play with Julie Miller
Enjoy this informal practice led by Julie. We will play with a variety of poses as we help each other move past places where we are "stuck". We will assist one another, laugh and have fun. Come open minded, open hearted, and ready to explore your edge.

Each session will have a different focus and will include hip openers, backbends, inversions, arm balances, twists, forward bends, pranayama, meditation and more.  Come join the fun, the more you come, the deeper you will explore the many aspects of your practice.

2015 dates:

New Winter and Spring dates coming soon!

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Yoga Immersions

Julie Miller

"The heart is the hub of all sacred places.  Go there and roam." 
Bhagawan Nityananda

Yoga Immersion are designed to transport your yoga to a more powerful practice of fulfillment and freedom. By combining an informed body of knowledge with practice on the mat, your capacity to expand the transformative power of yoga deepens exponentially. 

The Immersions are for those who want to deepen their own practice with no interest in teaching, and are a pre-requisite for those who would like to go on to Teacher Training.

In Part One of the Immersion, we will explore key concepts of Tantra philosophy, discuss how the alignment in the body works, and deepen your experiential understanding of all types of asanas. Standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, and inversions are all included. You will also discover ways to practice breathing, meditation and contemplation.  Part Two builds on this background and expands to include a study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.  In Part Three we delve into subtle body anatomy as well as the Bhagavad Gita.

This is a unique opportunity to undertake a journey combining greater knowledge and experience. Study and practice inform one another to create profound benefits which enable you to better harmonize with the pulsation of life and tap into your authentic self.

New dates coming for 2015.  Please email me with interest and questions.  

What people are saying:

Taking my study of Anusara Yoga deeper has given me a new path to travel in my life.  I have a mission and a purpose, a new circle of friends, and an etirely new outlook!" 


I am so honored to have studied with such a dedicated and thoughtful teacher.  She truly embodies the Tantric philosophy of the Anusara practice and has a special gift for making the teachings accessible and understandable for her students.


When I walked into the first Immersion, I thought I would expand my asana practice and instead, I expanded my heart.  Diving into the Tantric philosophy and the Principles of Alignment has deepened my practice on many levels.  I am truly grateful for what the Immersions had to offer me.
- PH

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Yoga Teacher Training
Julie Miller

Yoga is a sacred path.  When we learn to teach yoga we contribute to the transformation of others as we guide them to experience the depths of their own heart with sensitivity, creativity, kindness, and love.  In this Yoga Teacher Training, you will learn the key skills required to become an extraordinary Yoga teacher. 

Designed for those who wish to teach, as well as to inspire those already teaching, this program will give you the skills to deepen your practice, find your authentic voice, and empower the teacher within.   In order to teach with confidence and skill, it is important to understand the poses, their benefits and applications, and optimal sequencing.  The emphasis of this program is to refine your understanding of alignment and heart-oriented philosophy, supported by a loving community.

Come prepared for an utterly interactive and naturally unfolding learning experience.   First you enjoy teaching the individual elements of a class to one another.  As you progress, you gradually build the components into a complete class that inspires students to experience the joy, beauty, and fullness of life.

Students in the YTT come away with a strong foundation in the philosophy of yoga; skill in seeing, adjusting, and demonstrating poses; an ability to articulate pose instructions clearly and succinctly; and language skills to inspire students to express their poses from the inside out.  You will learn to masterfully weave in the heart theme throughout the technical instructions and class sequences.  With these powerful tools, you create the greatest potential for expansion from within.

What people are saying:

Teacher Training with Julie was a transformative experience.  It is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  I feel confident and ready to deliver a thoughtful and meaningful class for my students using the Anusara principles.  I can't wait to share my joy with our growing kula!  So much love and many thanks to her for showing me my own inner goodness and strength to teach while growing my own practice and awareness.  Amazing!    -AR

The Teacher Training helped me to put words to all that I learned in the Immersions so that I could take the seat of the Teacher and guide my students thoughtfully, safely and from the heart.  It is challenging to transition from student to teacher but this training has prepared me to expand into that role with grace.  -PH

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